Max antal fel
Klarade precis teoriprovet, hade jag fatt ett till fel hade jag kuggat, jaja whatever jag blev godkand iaf. Behover aka tillbaks med nagot slags boende-bevis och sen kan jag boka korprovet, haller tummarna!

Passed my theory test, but I had 5 wrongs, one more and I would have failed... whatever... at least I passed. Need to go back there with some kind of proof of residency or something... and then I can book the practical test. Fingers crossed.
another day in the life of an au pair
Korde A till skolan. Akte tillbaks hem med E. Markte att E var trott sa jag la henne i sangen och hon somnade direkt. Stadade upp i koket (diskade, mm), dammsog i allrummet/lekrummet, plockade iordning leksakerna och vek den torra tvatten. Sen vaknade E, vi at tidig lunch o gick sen till lekplatsen. Sen var det dags att hamta A. Vi akte hem och de fick jorgubbar till mellis. Sen var det dags att sova och efter det kom host dad hem och nu har jag min 3 timmars rast. Jobbar 8-15, 18-21 idag.

Drove A to school. Went back home with E. I noticed that E was tired so I put her in her bed and she fell asleep. Cleaned up in the kitchen (dishes, etc), vaccuumed in the living/play room, put away the toys and folded the dry laundry. E woke up, we had an early lunch then went to the playground. Then it was time to pick up A. Went home and gave them strawberrries for snack. Then it was nap time and then host dad came home and I'm now on my 3 hour break. Working 8am-3pm, 6pm-9pm today.
28/6 pride

"Seattle Grace Hospital" (recognise it?? It's from Grey's Anatomy). It's not actually a hospital by the way...